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Each of our Woman’s Publications is an informative and enlightening resource for the community.

The Ocean County Woman ™ offers editorial coverage, at a low advertising rate and most importantly, targeted marketing to women. What we are NOT: We do not print anything political, religious or controversial and we do not cover local news.

The Ocean County Woman ™ Publication is published bi-monthly and is distributed FREE OF CHARGE in Ocean County in various selected locations such as medical facilities, libraries, pharmacies, health and fitness centers, daycares, dance studios, real estate offices, restaurants, salons, book stores, offices, and businesses. Women’s Journal™ have been around for more than 33 years and have over 371 publications published or have an option to publish in the United States.

The Ocean County Woman ™ is a primary resource publication, which will have a readership of 2.46 per copy with an average lifespan of 6-8 weeks. These numbers come from the National Press Association. This above average readership is due to the articles being referred to friends and family who could directly benefit from the information. Our publication challenges our contributors to demonstrate their expertise, understanding and passion for their businesses by writing insightful, objective, and thought provoking articles.

According to statistics: women make 85% of all consumer and health care decisions. Did you know that women are estimated to spend a trillion dollars annually and control over 51% of the US wealth? Ocean County Woman will become a primary resource for the women of Ocean County. Every business benefits from hitting their target market effectively with their promotional dollars. Each article gravitates to the hands of responsive readers in the comfort of their own homes. OCW is a direct link to the women’s market. Explore the many promotional and advertising opportunities offered to increase your prestige, position and sales to women in Ocean County.

The reasons for the success of Women’s Publications are: We offer you the opportunity to educate the community in your field of expertise, we target women (who make over 85% of all buying decision in this county), we target the distribution points where we know our paper is going to be picked up and read and passed on to friends in the community because we are the primary resource, and we are an exclusive paper, which offers you the ability to distinguish yourself as THE source for information in your particular field of expertise setting you apart form the many other competitors in your County. You may choose

EXCLUSIVITY ... eliminate your competition by being the only professional noting your specialty anywhere in our publication. Why divide the response of the readership amongst your competition? Distinguish yourself as the authority in your field by taking the information you discuss with each client and make it available to more than 42,500 readers in the comfort of their homes.

References: Look inside each issue to see the results and responses from other professionals. Establish yourself as the source for information in your specialty. Join the hundreds of contributors that have heard “I read your article in the Women’s Publication” as they walk through your door. OCW will give you references from other authors from other geographical areas in your same field. (What other paper does that?)

Results: Assume the average response rate is a minimum of 1/10th of 1% of the readership. Multiply that by the average profit per customer, and you will see why this publication has been incredibly successful everywhere it is printed. It will pay for itself!

What we can do for you:

  • Plus Radio, This exciting new program will allow you to market on the radio to over 100,000 listeners at a fraction of the regular cost. The commercial will have a total of 40 plays Monday - Friday during prime listening hours.
  • Web Advertising: Highlight your business with a web banner on the Primary or Secondary Page of our website. The web banner is directly linked to your website.

Join the family:

Become part of the growing family of professionals who educate while promoting. This proven successful combination creates community awareness for your business and offers tremendous growth potential. MCW can become your direct link to the women’s market. Businesses who would like to target the women who live, work and play in Ocean County may reach us by email at or call us at 1-866-398-0898


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